Tech Tonic

Starring Anthony De Rosa, this series covers the constantly changing landscape of technology. 

This is pretty representative of an average episode: 

The opening sting, L3s, and background we recorded against were built in After Effects and Illustrator. There are two variations on the opener: one that runs at the top, which is slightly longer, and one that plays after the opening teaser. The challenge was making sure the graphics assets weren't campy, but conveyed the Reuters brand in a way that reflected elegantly on the subject matter of the show. 

Also, a promo poster I did for the series. In theory, this is sitting up on a wall somewhere at YouTube's offices.

It's insane that I haven't posted new stuff since October.

The workload of the past four months has been insane: 10 new shows, new management, going to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum...

There's a lot of work to sift through. I'll be trying to get stuff up in some kind of sane, linear fashion -- but no promises!

In the meantime, here's a piece I pulled off yesterday. I didn't even know I was animating the entire piece until after I renderered it and handed it off to an editor. But, between that and the opening sting (which I also built), I figure it gives some idea how busy Reuters has kept me the past quarter. 



The Pit (Oct 2011)

I put this together in Maya. I can't stand the music choice of the opener, but ended up matching the look as per Producers' Orders™ despite any misgivings. The opening sting's look ended up extending into the overall look of the show's infographics.

An early pilot for the show lives on YouTube here