The Exchange

This is what happens when you have an hour to make an intro.

"We have a new series going up Wednesday, and we really want it to not have the <current employer>'s branding. Yeah, it's going up Wednesday morning. Of course we know today's Friday..."

With such words, Napoleon was marched to Elba. 

In my case, it was coming up with a logo and type treatment that took a left turn from our usual branding, but keep it in the family, as this video is playing on our platform, and we're producing it. 

In between this project, I had other day of air graphics, and a whole 'nother package for another one of our corporate sponsor videos. In the end, I literally had one hour to put this together. Here are the two options I ended up with. Guess which one they went for.

I ended up incorporating it into the L3 packaging as well. 

The total finished product can be seen here on the Reuters Insider platform.

United States of Distress

So, it's been pretty much insanely busy this season. Catching my breath by updating. 'United States of Distress' was a package I designed, and ran on Reuters Insider throughout Winter of 2011, focusing on American states and municipalities caught in the throes of fiscal crisis. Sobering topic, to say the least. The visual bed served well for infographics as well as for stings, slates and openers.