The stuff I've posted most recently has been 'off-brand'. What does that mean exactly? In these, the Halcyon days of branding, design firms are paid (usually very well) to work with a client and develop a branding path that includes color palate, font, banner log, and just about everything else that a client will then turn over to their in-house designers to use as a basis for corporate identity going forward. 

In prior examples, I posted 'off-brand' pieces. The ones here are decidedly 'on-brand', incorporating the company's kinesis, color palate, fonts, and logo for an overall experience that should immerse the viewer in the brand through consistency, if not 'wow' factor. 

What Election Day Means To Me

To many people, Election Day is a parade of all that makes our democracy great.

For me, it's a workday that starts at 5 am so we can get a jump on the competition with graphics like these. 

No comment on how the elections actually turned out, by the way. This is a nonpartisan blog.

Greenscreening The Golden Two Minutes

The thing about video in the internet age is finding that sweet spot where people actually engage with your content without turning away after the first 10 seconds. I'm not a producer, so I try not to worry about it too much. But when you are a producer, and have a gun to my head, I'll worry about it all you want. For this particular piece, the producer went through a rigorous editing process, followed by about week of massaging and post-production. All to extract that golden soundbite that users want. I attached the before and after. Like that green cast that spills over Mr Salmon? Yeah. 

The vid currently lives on Felix Salmon's Reuters-sponsored blog here.

I started in still graphics. Sometimes that comes in handy.

A photocomposite using a logo I designed. The goal was to go off-brand from the parent site, create something a little grittier than the slick newsy style that the parent agency was using.

One component of a larger video project. Finished video TK*

* that's newsroom for 'to come.' Never ask me why they use a K instead of a C.

Whiskey (c. 2010)

Motion tracking and video assets

Occasionally, I'm asked to build something using outside footage. In this instance, it was a slate for a lifestyle segment, obviously focused on whiskey. The footage is all HD from, who have a really nice selection. Not cheap, but this is why God invented corporate reimbursement. I hate the sloppy masking job I did on the glass of whiskey, but the footage (and deadline) didn't permit the kind of work I wanted to do with it. Still, not terrible for 40 minutes of work.